FBI Files

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Records of FBI investigations, background checks and related material.

FBI File Masterlist - a running index of FBI files, terminology, and other relevant information

Ernie Lazar Collection
Alphabetical List, Unsorted
Manuals, Policies, and Guides, Sorted

Administrative Records

A Guide to Chinese Names and Language
Atorney General's Guidelines on Undercover Operations, 1992
Automatic Declassification Guide, National Secrity Branch (Version 2.1 - 5/21/2007)
Automatic Declassification Guide, National Security Branch (Version 3.0 - 10/15/2012)
Bureau Aviation Regulations
Cellular Analysis Survey Team Policy Guide
Confidential Human Source Policy Manual
Confidential Human Source Validation Standards Manual
Confidential Informant Policies
Confidential Funding Guide
Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Website Development
Counterterrorism Policy Guide
Custodial Interrogation for Public Safety and Intelligence-Gathering Purposes of Operational Terrorists Arrested Inside the United States
Destruction of FBI Records
Digital Evidence Policy Guide
Diversity and Inclusion Program
Detroit Missing Files and Serials
Do Not Contact List, 1971-1972
Do Not File file
Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide (DIOG), 2008
Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide, 2013
Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide, Appendix G
Electronic Recordkeeping Certification
Employee Suggestions File, 1927-1992
Ethics and Integrity Program
FBI Administrative and Executive Conference
FBI Executives Conference, 1937-1946
FBI Dead List, 2015
FBI Dead List, 2017
FBI Dead List, 2018
FBI Drone Files
FBI Freedom of Information Act/Privacy Act (FOIA/PA) Reference Manual, 2010
FBI High Visibility Memoranda, 1974-1985
FBI High Visibility Memoranda, 1976-1986
FBI High Visibility Memoranda, 1979-1993
FBI High Visibility Memoranda, 2001-2015
FBI High Visibility Memoranda, 2010-2013
FBI Insider Threat Training Program
FBI Liaison Activities
FBI Polygraph Examiner Manual
FBI Records Vault Twitter Account Special Review
FBI Recreation Association
FBI Seal, Name, Initials, and Special Agent Gold Badge
FBI Statutory Charter Hearings
FBI Student Programs Policy Guide
FBI Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Classification Guide
FBI Whistleblower Policy
FBI Wounded Warrior Internship Program
Fitness-For-Duty Program
Foreign Government Information Classification Guide
Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act Requests
General Telecommunications Policy
Government Employment of Criminals (MIOG excerpt)
Government Shutdown Guidance
Guidance for Financial Institutions on Terrorist Activity
Handling of 305 Files (Violent Crimes Against Children)
Inconclusive/Deception Indicated Polygraph Examinations - Revised Procedures
Intelligence Information Report Policy Implementation Guide
Interdepartmental Intelligence Conference, 1950-1951
Investigative Data Warehouse
Implementation of 315 Case Designation (International Terrorism)
Importing Nontransitory Records Into Sentinel
Joint Terrorism Task Force Officer Orientation, 2009
Laboratory Reference Firearms Collection
Legal Handbook for FBI Special Agents, 2003
Less-Than-Lethal Devices
Manual Index Card Digitization Program
Manual of Administrative Operations and Procedures, 2005
Manual of Investigative Operations and Guidelines, 1998
Media Relations at FBI HQ and in Field Offices
Memo on FBI Use of FISA Section 702
Money Laundering Policy Implemention Guide
Naming and Commemorating FBI Buildings and Spaces
National Archives and Records Administration
National Foreign Intelligence Program Manual
National Security Information Classification Guide
National Security Information Classification Guide, 2012
National Security Letters
NCIC Code Manual, 1982
NCIC Code Manual, 1983
NCIC Code Manual, 1985
NCIC Code Manual, 2000
NCIC Code Manual, 2017
NCIC Code Manual, 2018
NCIC Code Manual, 2019
NCIC Hot Files
NCIC Operating Manual, 1982
No-Fly Lists
Non-Retaliation For Reporting Compliance Risks
Physical Fitness Program
Policies for Placing Records on CD-ROM, 2003-2004
Prepublication Review Policy Guide
Project Megiddo Report
Records Management Standards for Scanned Documents
Social Media and Other Electronic Information Sharing Technologies
Social Networking Sites and FBI Employee Guidance
Surveillance of Skype and Other VoIP Platforms
Technology-Based Tagging, Tracing, and Locating Program Policy Guide
Terrorist Screening Center Mismatches
Unofficial Contacts and Reporting Requirements
Zero Day Exploit Policies

FBI Personnel Files

Alex Rosen
Arbor W. Gray
Calvin B. Howard
Clyde Tolson
Courtney A. Evans
D. Milton Ladd
Don Edwards
Donald E. Moore
Earll H. Winterrowd
Edward J. Brennan
Edwin R. Tully
George H. Scatterday
George R. Wackenhut | Wackenhut Corporation
Henry M. Wade
James H. Gale
James Wallace LaPrade
Jeptha S. Rogers
J. Edgar Hoover | Masters of Deceit | Official & Confidential Files | Phone Logs
John F. Malone
John P. Moore
John P. O'Neill
Joseph G. Deegan
J. Richard Nichols
Leland V. Boardman
Leo Laughlin
Louis B. Nichols
Mark Felt [June Mail]
Maxwell Chaffetz
Paul L. Cox
Quinn Tamm
Robert Maheu
Robert E. Wick
Scott McLeod
Ted Gunderson
W. Raymond Wannall
William C. Sullivan [June Mail]

FBI Monographs

FBI Monograph Index, 1947-1955
American Nazi Party
Analysis of Successful Communist Informant Interviews
Communication Methods of the CPUSA
The Communist Front Movement in the United States
Communist Party Line
The Communist Party and American Labor
The Communist Party and the Negro 1953-1956
Communist Principles and Tactics Concerning National Liberation and Colonial Movements
Communist Strategy and Tactics Part II: Current Strategy and Tactics of CPUSA
CPUSA Summary of Activities
Discipline in the CPUSA
The Educational Program of the CPUSA
Extremists Attack the Courts
The FBI and Civil Rights
FBI in Our Open Society
Fedayeen Impact: Middle East and United States, June 1970
The Fedayeen Terrorist: A Profile
Funds and Foundations
Israeli Intelligence Service in the United States
The Ku Klux Klan, 1865-1958
Mafia Monographs
Minutemen: Extremist Guerilla Warfare Group
The Menace of Communism in the United States Today
Nation of Islam (June 1955)
Nation of Islam (1960)
Nation of Islam (1965)
Potentialities of Chinese Communist Intelligence Activities in the United States
Pre-Attack Behaviors of Active Shooters in the U.S., 2000-2013
Pretexts and Cover Techniques
Proceedings of the International Symposium on the Forensic Aspects of Arson Investigations
Purge Victims of CPUSA
Reasons Why People Accept and Reject Communism
The Role of CPUSA in Soviet Intelligence
The Sabotage Plans and Potential of the CPUSA
Sex Perverts, 1950-1966
Smear Campaign
Soviet Defectors
Soviet Military, Naval, and Air Representatives in the United States: Covert Operational Methods
Soviet Intelligence Targets in the United States, 1946-1953
Soviet Intelligence Travel and Entry Techniques
Soviet Use of the Polygraph
Unusual Investigative Techniques
US, Inc.
White Extremist Organizations Part II: National States' Rights Party
Who's Who of the CPUSA


1972 Democratic National Convention
Abbie Hoffman
Allan Francovich
American Bar Association
American Civil Liberties Union
Asian-American Political Alliance
American Indian Movement | Dennis Banks | Russell Means
Bernardo Benes
Berrigan Brothers/Harrisburg Seven
By Any Means Necessary
Colorado Peace Action Coalition
Cult of the Dead Cow
Daniel Schechter
Don West
Edward Bennett Williams
Edward Said
Gay Activists Alliance
Gay Liberation Front
Gordon D. Hall (anti-extremist researcher)
International Solidarity Movement
Karen Silkwood
Mario Savio
Michael Mariotte
Millard Lampell
National League of Families
National Organization of Women
Pete Seeger | Toshi Seeger
Peter Carey Nowell
Saul Alinsky
Smedley Butler
Vietnam Veterans Against the War | John P. Judge
Woody Guthrie
Women's International Terrorist Conspiracy from Hell (W.I.T.C.H.)
Women's Liberation Group (University of Montana)

Activists, Militant

Dwight Armstrong
Jewish Defense League (Meir Kahane) [June Mail]
Patty Hearst Kidnapping/Symboinese Liberation Army
Pedro Albizu Campos [June Mail]

Activists, Right-Wing

Accuracy in Media | Reed Irvine
Bill Cooper
Church League of America | Edgar C. Bundy
Congress of Freedom | Robert LeFevre (Denver Field Office file)
Mike Vanderboegh [militia figure]
National Rifle Association
Tea Party
Western Goals Foundation
William Potter Gale [militia figure]

Authors and Publishers

Anarchist Cookbook | William R. Powell
Ayn Rand
Ben Hecht
Carlos Bulosan
Chinua Achebe
Chuck Hansen
Courtney Ryley Cooper (Hoover's ghostwriter)
Dashiell Hammett
Dorothy Parker [Security Index subject]
Graham Greene
Harlan Ellison
Ray Palmer
Robert Anton Wilson
Tom Clancy
William M. Gaines
William Gardner Smith
Vincent Bugliosi

Background Checks

Charles Campion (Vice President's staff)
Elizabeth Hawley (Voice of America applicant)
Philip George (European Recovery Program loyalty check)

Business Figures/Companies

Alfred G. Vanderbilt
Amerada Hess/Hess Oil
Akio Kashiwagi
Armand Hammer
Bernard Cornfeld
Billie Sol Estes
The Blackstone Group
Charles G. "Bebe" Rebozo
Clarence "Kelly" Johnson
Clint Murchison, Jr.
David A. Rockefeller
El Dorado Chemical Company
Franklin Community Federal Credit Union
George Avakian
George K. Pender
George Steinbrenner
Global Strategies Group
H.L. Hunt
Health Management Associates
The International Credit Bank of Geneva
International Olympic Committee
International Spy Museum
Irving J. Kott
Jack Valenti
J. Howard Pew
J. Paul Getty
John Archibald Wheeler
John Friedrich
John D. Rockefeller III
Joseph N. Pew, Jr.
Kenneth H. Dalhberg
Kirk Kerkorian
Laurance Rockefeller
Mattel Electronics
Midland Bank
MOS Technology
Pat Bowlen
Prevezon Holdings
Richard M. DeVos
Robert G. Wilmers
Seymour Papert
Simon Ramo
Spectrum Health
Sullivan & Cromwell
Tandy Corporation
Texas Instruments
Wackenhut Corporation
Walter Knott
William Bradford Shockley
William Lear
Whole Foods

Trump Family

Congressional Requests to the FBI for Investigation into Donald Trump's Campaign and the Russian Government
FBI Memo on Donald Trump, Teamsters, and the Mafia
Fred Trump
John G. Trump
Russia Dossier Summary Briefing
Trump Management Company
Trump Shuttle
Trump Taj Mahal
Trump University

Related (non-FBI records):
Carter Page Testimony to House Intelligence Committee
Congressional Letter of Support for Eliminating LGBTQ Protections
Democratic National Convention v. Russian Federation
Devin Nunes on Russian Election Interference and Incidential Collection
DIA General Counsel Letter to Michael Flynn
DOD Inspector General Letter to Jason Chaffetz on Michael Flynn
Donald Trump Financial Disclosures
Donald J. Trump Foundation and Eric Trump Foundation Records
Donald J. Trump Foundation IRS 990 Forms
Donald Trump Tax Returns, 1995 (Excerpts)
Donald Trump Tax Returns, 2005
FinCEN Report on Trump Taj Mahal Money Laundering
James Comey Memos on Trump Interactions
Jane Doe v. Donald J. Trump and Jeffrey Epstein
Jason Chaffetz Letters to DNI Dan Coats re Michael Flynn
Michael Flynn-Russia Today Emails
Nikki Haley Hatch Act Violation
Office of Government Ethics Emails on Trump Divestment Efforts
Old Post Office Financial Records
Old Post Office Lease Records
Paul Manafort and Rick Gates Indictment
Paul Manafort Text Messages
Rod Wheeler Court Complaint
Senate Letter on Missing Jared Kushner Wikileaks Emails and Russian Backdoor
Trump Administration Memo on Reproductive Health Restrictions
Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts, Inc. SEC Records
Trump Private Intelligence Allegations (Steele Dossier)
Washington Post Donald Trump Research Archive
White House to Jason Chaffetz and Elijah Cummings re Michael Flynn


Albert Einstein
Anthony Bourdain
Arnold Palmer
Art Linkletter
The Beatles | John Lennon | George Harrison
Bettie Page
Biggie Smalls
Bob Marley
Bud Abbott
Casey Kasem
Charlie Chaplin
Clark Gable
Dean Martin
Dennis Hopper
Dick Clark
Don Pardo
Duke Ellington
Eddie Fisher
Edward G. Robinson
Ella Fitzgerald
Elizabeth Arden
Elizabeth Taylor
Elvis Presley
Errol Flynn
Frank Sinatra
Fritz Lang
Gene Kelly
George Burns
George Carlin
George Raft
Grace Kelly
Gracie Allen
The Grateful Dead
Groucho Marx | Harpo Marx | Gummo Marx | Zeppo Marx
Harry Reems | Alvin Goldstein | Gerard Damanio
Hedy Lamarr
Howard Hughes | Robert Maheu
Isaac Asimov
Isaac Hayes
Irving Berlin
Jack Benny
James Brown
Janis Joplin
Jayne Mansfield
Jefferson Airplane
Jimi Hendrix
Jimmy Durante
John Denver
John Wayne
Johnny Carson
Johnny Cash
Josephine Baker
Kurt Cobain
Lana Turner
Louie Louie (the song)
Louis Armstrong
Luciano Pavarotti
Lucille Ball/Desi Arnaz
María Irene Fornés
Marilyn Monroe
Michael Jackson
Millard Lampell
Milton Greene
Muhammad Ali
Nikola Tesla
Ol' Dirty Bastard
Orson Welles
Pablo Picasso
Paul Robeson
Pete Seeger | Toshi Seeger
Peter Lawford
Robert Culp
Robert Vaughn
Roberto Clemente
Robin Gibb
Rock Hudson
Rod Serling
Sammy Davis, Jr.
Samuel Fuller
Shirley Temple Black
Sonny Bono
Sonny Liston
Steve Allen
Steve McQueen
This Is Your FBI
Tupac Shakur
Walt Disney
Whitney Houston
Wilma Rudolph
Woody Guthrie
Zsa Zsa Gabor

Civil Rights

16th Street Baptist Church Bombing [June Mail]
Algernon D. Black [NAACP VP]
Anti-Defamation League
African National Congress | Nelson Mandela | Oliver Tambo
Attempted Bombings
Bayard Rustin [June Mail]
Betty Shabazz
Black Identity Extremists
Black Panther Party Charlotte | BPP Hartford | Huey P. Newton | Elbert Howard [Security Index subject] | Ralph Andrew Cobb | Robert Steele Collier
Black Revolutionary Party
Bobby Rush
Chicago Defender, The
Deacons for Defense and Justice
Detroit Missing Files and Serials
Dick Gregory
Edward L. Young [NAACP]
Elie Wiesel
Elijah Muhammad [June Mail]
Emmett Till
FBI Surveillance of Freddie Gray Protests
Freedom Riders
Gay Activists Alliance
Gay Liberation Front
Gil Scott-Heron
Gilbert Baker
Ghetto Informant Program
Greensboro Massacre
Harassment of Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party
Harry and Harriett Moore [June Mail]
Harvey Milk
Highlander Folk School
Izola Ware Curry (stabbed Martin Luther King, Jr. in Harlem on 09/20/1958)
Jack W. Gravley [NAACP Virginia secretary]
Jack Greenberg [NAACP Legal Defense Fund director, 1961-1984]
James Baldwin
James Reeb
John Wesley Mack
Katherine Dunham
Lorin Bradford Young [NAACP]
Lorraine Hansberry
Mae Mallory
Malcolm X
March on Washington
Margaret Bush Wilson [NAACP Board Chair, 1975-1983]
Martin Luther King, Jr. [June Mail]
Mattachine Society | Frank Kameny | Jack Nichols
Mattie Greene
Medgar Evers Rifle Club
Mississippi Burning
Mississippi Civil Rights Workers Murders
Mississippi Freedom Labor Union
Monroe Freedman
Moore's Ford Lynchings
Morris Kight
Muhammad Ali
Murder of Viola Liuzzo
National Council of Churches
Off Our Backs
Paul Goodman
Randolph T. Blackwell [SCLC]
Ray Hill
Raymond Broshears [Lavender Panthers founder]
Rodney King
Selma to Montgomery March
Shirley Graham DuBois
Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC)
Stanley Levison [June Mail]
Stephen Smith
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) | Stokely Carmichael (Kwame Ture)
Wallace D. Fard (Wallace Fard Muhammed)
Will Rogers


Abraham Lincoln Brigade
Alan Levi Tritter [Communist Index subject]
Alleged Communists in State Dept.
Anti-Castro and Cuba
Armand Penha [Informant]
Barbara Hartle [Informant]
Bertram and Ella Wolfe
Claudia Jones
Communist Coverage Along the Mexican Border
Communist Infiltration of the Motion Picture Industry
Communist Influence in Racial Matters: New York City
Communist Influence in Racial Matters: Los Angeles
Communist Maniplulation of Religion
Communist Party of the United States
Communist Party of the United States - Members
Communist Party of the United States - "Negro Question"
Communist Party Line
Efforts to Overthrow Fidel Castro
Elizabeth Gurley Flynn
Ex-Communist Witnesses
Howard O. Thompson [CNDI SF-1604]
John Lautner [Informant] [Security Index subject]
Julia C. Brown [Informant]
Karl Prussion [CNDI SF-1740] [Custodial Detention subject]
Leon Trotsky
Lloyd Brown
Lola Belle Holmes [Informant]
Matt Cvetic [Confidential National Defense Informant]
Paul Robeson
Phil Bart
Operation SOLO | Jack Childs | Morris Childs | Highly Placed Informants [FBI double agents]
Richard Durham [Security Index subject]
Reuben Golin [Communist Index subject]
Sophie Golin [Communist Index subject]
Stanley Edgar Hyman [Communist Index subject]
Vladimir Stepankowsky [Informant]
William Albertson
Young Communist League

Anti-Communist Activists

American Security Council
Christian Anti-Communism Crusade
I Was a Communist Spy for the FBI
Dallas Freedom Forum
Fred C. Koch
Kenneth Goff
Joseph McCarthy
Joseph P. Kamp
Martin Dies
Myron C. Fagan
Otto Otepka
Samuel Dickstein
Scott McLeod


Carlo Tresca
Democratic Socialists of America
Juan Mari Bras [Puerto Rican Socialist Party founder]
Norman Thomas | Correlation Summary
Richard M. Aoki [Informant]
Socialist Party: New York City

Continuity of Government

Alaska Stay-Behind Special Agent Program | Proposed Plan for Intelligence Coverage in Alaska
Department of Justice, 1954-1966
Department of Justice, 1955-1982
FBI Assistance to Members of Congress in the Event of Emergency
FBI War Plans, 1948-1956
FBI War Plans, 1950-1990 [June Mail]
Mobilization Plan C
Mobilization Plan D-Minus
Operation Alert
Presidential Emergency Action Documents, 1958-1979
Project 908
Soviet War Plans, 1945-1948
Suspension of The Constitution
White House War Plans, 1950-1967


Crash of United Airlines Flight 23
Crash of United Airlines Flight 553
Texas City Disaster

Educators and Intellectuals

Albert Sprague Coolidge
E. Franklin Frazier
Edward Said
Edwin Burrows
Elias Burstein
Elias M. Stein
Elizabeth Garret
Ernest Richard May
John Henrik Clarke
Milton S. Eisenhower
Milton Friedman
Roger Fisher
William Theodore de Bary


Aleksander Barmine [Soviet Army defector]
Aleksei Kulak [KGB double agent]
Alexander Litvinenko
Cambridge Five | Anthony Blunt
Chinese Talent Programs memo
Clarence Francis Hiskey
Ellen Rometsch (alleged East German spy)
Edward Lee Howard
George Abramovich Koval [GRU spy, code name Delmar -- spied on Dayton Project]
Institute of Pacific Relations | Owen Lattimore
Jack Soble
John Walker
Joseph George Helmich
Marcus Klingberg
Morris and Lona Cohen
Nuclear Materials Equipment Corporation (NUMEC) | David Lowenthal [June Mail]
Oleg Lyalin [KGB defector]
Robert Maxwell | Counterintelligence file
Rudolph and Eugenia Peierls (Fuchs associate)
Vasili Mitrokhin [KGB defector]
Vladimir Kryuchkov [KGB officer]
Walter Krivitsky

Rosenberg Case

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg (joint file) | Julius Rosenberg | Ethel Rosenberg
Abraham Brothman
Abraham Surovell
Alfred Sarant [June Mail]
Anatoli Yakovlev
Andrew Walker
Anna Rosenberg
Arthur Kinoy
Ben Zuckerman
Carl S. Javna
David and Ruth Greenglass | David Greenglass | Ruth Greenglass
David Levitov
Edward James Weinstein
Edward Kuntz
Elizabeth T. Bentley [Informant]
Emanuel Bloch
Emmanuel Schwartz
Florence Pasternak
George Kristiakowski
Gloria Agrin Josephson
Hans Bethe
Harold Urey
Harry Gold
Irving R. Kaufman
Irving Saypol
J. Robert Oppenheimer | Personnel Hearings
Joel Barr
Klaus Fuchs
Kristel and Robert Heineman
Louis Pasternak
Louis Sobell
Mark Page
Marshall Perlin
Max Miller
Michael Sidorovich
Morton and Helen Sobell | Helen Sobell
O. John Rogge
Oscar Vago
Ralph C. Smith
Richard Murray
Richard Wright
Rose Sobell
Rosenberg Case Summary
Rosenberg Referrals
Rosenberg-Sobell Committee
Ruth Alsher
Samuel Levine
Sarah Powell
Stanley Rich
Stella Page
Sylvia Danziger
Thomas Black
Thomas O. Jones
Wendell Marshman
William Danziger
William Perl

Silvermaster Case

Silvermaster Spy Ring
Alger Hiss/Whittaker Chambers
Frank Coe
Elizabeth T. Bentley [Informant]
William Remington

Exploding the Phone Research Topics

Alan Levi Tritter
Alvin Bubis
Anthony P. Glorioso
AT&T Tapes and Recordings Case
Archie Gianunzio
Benjamin Lassoff
Bernard Cornfeld
Blue Boxes: FBI Lab Report
Blue Boxes: Misc Files
Charles Pyne
David C. Henney
Gil Beckley
Gravitt and Ashley Matter
John "Captain Crunch" Draper
Joseph F. Doherty
Joseph "Joybubbles" Engressia
Ken Hanna
Myron Julian Deckelbaum
Phone Phreak Activities: AUTOVON Intrusions
Phone Phreak Activities Control File
Ralph Barclay
Teletronics Company of America
Twilight Electronics
Walter P. Schmidt
Walter H. Shaw

Hate Groups

ACT For America
Albert J. Lingo [Alabama DPS Director, 1963-1965]
American Family Association
American National Party
American Nazi Party
Aryan Brotherhood
Aryan Brotherhood of Texas
Aryan Circle
Aryan Nations
Barry E. Black [Klan]
Black Legion
Bobby Frank Cherry [Klan]
Breitbart News Network
British National Party
Brotherhood of Klans
Center for Security Policy
Church of the National Knights of the KKK
Citizens Council Movement (White Citizens Councils)
Council of Conservative Citizens
Democratic Nationalist Party
Edwin Walker
European-American Unity and Rights Organization
Eustace Mullins
Family Research Council
Federation for American Immigration Reform
Fiery Cross
Francis Parker Yockey [Holocaust denier]
Imperial Klans of America
Jewish Defense League
John Birch Society
John Kasper [Klan]
Leonard Feeney [anti-semitic preacher]
Lyrl C. Van Hyning (Women's Voice)
Matt Koehl [ANP]
Max Nelsen
National Alliance | William Luther Pierce
National Association for the Advancement of White People
National Citizens Protective Association
National Council for Immigration Reform
National Knights of the KKK
National Renaissance Party
National Socialist Movement
National States' Rights Party
National Vanguard
Neal Horsley [Anti-abortion doxer]
New Alliance Party
The Northern League
Oath Keepers
The Order
Orval Faubus
Original Knights of the KKK
Paul G. Anderson [NRP]
Raleigh Jackson Glover [Klan]
Resistance Records (National Alliance music label)
Richard Barrett [Klan]
Roy E. Frankhouser [Klan]
Sherman Skolnick [anti-Catholic]
Swastika Vandalism Incidents, 1959-1960
Virgil Griffin [Klan]
Wade Michael Page (Oak Creek WI Sikh temple shooting)
Wallace H. Allen
Westboro Baptist Church | WBC 1996-2006 | WBC Campus Protests, 2001-2011 | Fred Phelps
William Bradford Shockley
William Potter Gale [militia figure]
Willis Carto [Liberty Lobby]
White Aryan Resistance
White Circle League of America
White Knights of the KKK of Mississippi | Delmar D. Dennis [Informant]
White Supremacist Infiltration of Law Enforcement
White Supremacist Groups
White Youth Corps

Intelligence Activities

Black Bag Jobs
CIA collection
CIA Liaison
Communist Coverage Along the Mexican Border | Counterintelligence - Border Coverage Program
COINTELPRO - Black Nationalists
COINTELPRO - Black Nationalists - Alexandria Field Office File
COINTELPRO - Black Nationalists - Baltimore Field Office File
COINTELPRO - Black Nationalists - Charlotte Field Office File
COINTELPRO - Black Nationalists - Indinanpolis Field Office File
COINTELPRO - Black Nationalists - Las Vegas Field Office File
COINTELPRO - Espionage Programs
COINTELPRO - Hoodwink (Mafia)
COINTELPRO - Puerto Rico
COINTELPRO - Socialist Workers Party
COINTELPRO - Yugoslavia
COINTELPRO - White Hate Groups
COINTELPRO - White Hate Groups - Miami Field Office File
Computer and Internet Protocol Address Verifier (CIPAV)
Confidence Microphones [June Mail]
Domestic HUMINT Vision Proposal
Double Meaning File
Electronic Surveillance Checks
FCC-FBI Stingray Communications
Foreign Counterintelligence Review, 1976-1979
Foreign Intelligence Analysis, 1972-1988
GUS/SAM Surveys
June Mail
Michael Raymond [Informant]
National Security Council Special Committee on Technical Surveillance Countermeasures
National Security Letters
Nugan-Hand Bank
Office of Naval Intelligence
Patriot Act
Pen Registers
Pike Committee
Red Hook
Security Informant Program
Security of Telephone Services, 1952-1995
Skype Intercepts
Soviet Diplomatic Activities
Surveillance Flights over Baltimore
Tracing Telephone Calls [June Mail]
Ultrasonic Listening Devices (Wiretapping), 1945-1989
Undercover Assignments in Atomic Energy Installations, 1949-1964
Use of Drones

Journalists and Publications

American Broadcasting Company (ABC)
Ben Bagdikian
Ben Bradlee
Bob Considine
Charles Collingwood
Chicago Defender, The
Cokie Roberts
Covert Action Quarterly
Daniel Pearl
Daniel Schorr
Daniel Schechter
David Snell
Drew Pearson
Don Bolles
Don Whitehead
Edward R. Murrow
Ernest Cuneo
Eugene C. Pulliam
Frank Edwards
Gaeton Fonzi
Gawker Media
George Crile
George Sokolsky
Gil Noble
Hank Greenspun
Helen Thomas
Herbert Kaplow
Hillman Periodicals
Hunter S. Thompson
I.F. Stone
Inside Story Magazine
Jack Anderson | Charles E. Radford II [possible leak source]
James M. Cox
James B. "Scotty" Reston
Jill Dando
Jimmy Breslin
Jonathan Kwitny
Katherine Graham
Legal News Media
Lobster Magazine
Louis Austin
Louis "Studs" Terkel
McGraw-Hill Publishing Co.
Michael Hastings
Mike Wallace
Morley Safer
Norman Chandler
North American Newspaper Alliance
Paul Harvey
Peter Jennings
Philip Graham
Pentagon Papers
Ramparts Magazine | 2019 release | Donald Duncan | Warren Hinckle
Robert I. Friedman
Sanford Griffith
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Voice of America
Wayne Barrett
Wayne Green
Walter Cronkite
Walter Winchell
William C. Gaines
William Loeb III
William Randolph Hearst, Sr.
William Safire

Labor Activities

American Negro Labor Congress
Ben R. Stein [SEIU Local 25]
Black Workers Coalition
Cesar Chavez/United Farm Workers | Antonio Orendain
John L. Lewis
Richard Durham [UPWA]

Mass Arrest Indices

Communist Index
Communist Index - Birmingham
Communist Index - Boston
Communist Index - Cleveland
Communist Index - Honolulu
Communist Index - Houston
Communist Index - Indianapolia
Communist Index - Little Rock
Communist Index - Los Angeles
Communist Index - Louisville
Communist Index - Minneapolis
Communist Index - Newark
Communist Index - New York City
Communist Index - Omaha
Communist Index - Pittsburgh
Communist Index - Phoenix
Communist Index - San Antonio
Communist Index - San Diego
Communist Index - San Francisco
Communist Index - Savannah
Communist Index - Seattle
Custodial Detention Security Index
Custodial Detention Security Index Referred/Returned Material
Custodial Detention Security Index - New York City
International Organizations; Dangerous Aliens of Nations Outside the Soviet Bloc
Procedures for Interning Enemy Diplomatic, Consular, United Nations and Official Personnel in the Event of War
Rabble Rouser Index
Subversive Organizations - New York City

Major Cases


Organized Crime/Street Gangs

Bonanno Family

Alphonse "Sonny Red" Indelicato
Anthony "Tony" Mirra
Bonanno Family (Summary)
Carmine "Lilo" Galante
Joseph "Joe Bananas" Bonanno, Sr.

Bufalino Family

William Bufalino II

Buffalo Crime Family

Fred G. Randaccio
Paul "The Fox" Volpe (Canadian mobster affiliated with Buffalo family)

Chicago Outfit

Al Capone
Anthony Spilotro
Frank "Lefty" Rosenthal
John "Jake the Barber" Factor
John Roselli (Excerpts) | CIA/Mafia Plot to Overthrow Fidel Castro
Joseph Aiuppa
Ken "Toyko Joe" Eto [Informant]
Lew Farell (Louis Fratto)
Murray Humphreys
Richard Cain (Chicago cop on Outfit payroll; close friend of Giancana)
Sam Giancana
Sidney Korshak

Cohen Family

Bugsy Siegel
Mickey Cohen

Colombo Family

Carmine John Persico, Jr.
John "Sonny" Franzese (Underboss, 1963-1967)
Gregory Scarpa, Sr. [Informant]

DeCavalcante Family

Gambino Family

Albert Anastasia (Murder Inc.)
Anthony Gaggi (DeMeo Crew boss)
Carlo Gambino
Gold Club
John Gotti
John Gotti, Jr.
Richard "The Iceman" Kuklinski (DeMeo Crew hitman)
Robert DiBernardo
Star Distributors, Ltd. (Gambino-controlled porn studio)

Genovese Family

Abner "Longie" Zwillman
Anthony "Fat Tony" Salerno (Front Boss, 1981-1986)
Dutch Schultz (Arthur Flegenheimer)
Frank "Funzi" Tieri
Lucky Luciano (Boss, 1931-1957)
Matthew Joseph Ianiello (Matty The Horse)
Ruggiero Boiardo
Thomas Ryan Eboli (Front Boss, 1970-1972)
Vincent "The Chin" Gigante (Boss, 1981-2005)
Vito Genovese

Luccese Family

Burton Kaplan [Informant]
Henry Hill, Jr. [Informant]

Medellin Cartel

Barry Seal
Pablo Escobar

New Orleans Crime Family

Carlos Marcello

Patriarca Family

Gennaro Angiulo
Raymond L.S. Patriarca (Excerpts)

Philadelphia Crime Family

Angelo Bruno [June Mail]
Nicodemo "Nicky" Scarfo


Almighty Latin Kings
Arthur J. Crowley (mob lawyer)
Benjamin Lassoff
Black Guerilla Family
Black Mafia Family
Bloods and Crips
Bobby Bluejacket
Brotherhood of Eternal Love
Dennis Howard Marks (Mr. Nice)
Dillinger Gang | John Dillinger | Lester Joseph Gillis (Baby Face Nelson)
El Rukns
Frank "Moses" Capone
Frank "Buster" Wortman
George "Machine Gun Kelly" Barnes
George "Bugs" Moran
Gil Beckley (Ken Hanna's partner)
Hell's Angels
Insane Clown Posse (Juggalos) (FBI categorizes ICP fans as gang)
Irving Resnick (Las Vegas bookie)
Jimmy Hoffa
Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman
John D'Arco
Joseph Vincent "Newsboy" Moriarty
Ken Hanna (Los Angeles bookie)
Louis "Lepke" Buchalter/Murder Inc.
Mexican Mafia
Meyer Lansky
Miguel Vélez
Morris "Moe" Dalitz
Morris Levy/Roulette Records
Morris Shenker
Myron Julian Deckelbaum (Lassoff gambling ring member)
National Gang Threat Assessment
Nuestra Familia
Purple Gang
Robert Stroud (Birdman of Alcatraz)
St. Valentine's Day Massacre
Semion Mogilevich Organization-Eurasian Organized Crime
Winter Hill Gang | Roger Wheeler
William Rega De Carlo



Alexander Haig (State, 1981-1982)
Clark Clifford (Defense, 1968-1969)
Caspar Weinberger (Defense, 1981-1987)
Ed Muskie (State, 1980-1981)
Dean Acheson (State, 1949-1953)
Dean Rusk (State, 1961-1969)
George Romney (HUD, 1969-1973)
John Connally (Treasury, 1971-1972)
John Foster Dulles (State, 1953-1959)
John Kerry (State, 2013-2017)
John Mitchell (Attorney General, 1969-1972)
Lawrence Eagleburger (State, 1992-1993)
Melvin Laird (Defense, 1969-1973)
Richard Kleindienst (Attorney General, 1972-1973)
Robert F. Kennedy (Attorney General, 1961-1964)
Robert McNamara (Defense, 1961-1968)
Ron Brown (Commerce, 1993-1996)
Samuel Bodman (Energy, 2005-2009)
Thomas C. Clark (Attorney General, 1945-1949)
William Usery (Labor, 1976-1977)


Abner J. Mikva
Al Gore, Sr. (D-TN-4, 1939-1953, D-TN, 1953-1971)
Alan Dixon
Barbara Jordan
Barry Goldwater (R-AZ, 1953-1965, 1969-1987)
Bella Abzug [Administrative Index subject]
Cardiss Collins
Charles Boyle
Charlie Wilson (D-TX-2, 1973-1997)
Dan Rostenkowski (D-IL-8, 1959-1993, IL-5, 1993-1995)
Daniel Inouye (D-HI at-large 1959-1963, D-HI, 1963-2012)
Don Edwards (D-CA-9, 1963-1975, CA-10, 1975-1993, CA-16, 1993-1995)
Ed Koch (D-NY-17, 1969-1973, NY-18, 1973-1977)
Ed Muskie (D-ME, 1959-1980)
Estes Kefauver
Everett Dirksen
Death Threats Against Members of Congress, 2000 - 2009
Death Threats Against Members of Congress, 2010
Death Threats Against Members of Congress, 2011 - 2017
Death Threats Against Members of Congress, 2012
Frank Church
Fred Thompson
Geraldine Ferraro (D-NY-9, 1979-1985)
Gus Savage
Hamilton Fish IV
Harold R. Collier
Helen Gahagan Douglas (D-CA-14, 1945-1951)
Howard Cannon (D-NV, 1959-1983)
James Eastland
James M. Cox (D-OH-3, 1909-1913)
Jeremiah Denton (R-AL, 1981-1987)
John Brademas
John C. Culver
John Joyce Gilligan (D-OH-1, 1965-1967)
John Kerry (D-MA, 1985-2013)
John Murtha
John Tower (R-TX, 1961-1985)
Larry McDonald
Leo Allen
Leslie C. Arends
Lloyd Bensten
Marilyn Lloyd
Martin Dies (D-TX-2, 1931-1945, at-large 1953-1959)
Melvin Laird (R-WI-7, 1953-1969)
Morris Udall
Oscar DePriest
Otis G. Pike
Paul M. Simon
Pete Domenici
Prescott Bush (R-CT, 1952-1963)
Ralph Metcalfe
Robert Byrd (D-WV-6, 1953-1959, D-WV, 1959-2010)
Robert F. Kennedy (D-NY, 1965-1968)
Rod Grams (R-MN-6, 1993-1995, R-MN, 1995-2001)
Samuel Dickstein (D-NY-12, 1923-1945)
Sam Steiger
Sidney Yates
Steven LaTourette
Ted Kennedy
Ted Stevens (R-AK, 1968-2009)
Thomas Hale Boggs, Sr. (D-LA-2, 1947-1972)
Tip O'Neill
Walter Huddleston
Wendell Anderson (D-MN, 1976-1978)
William L. Dawson

Diplomatic Corps

Adlai Stevenson (United Nations, 1961-1965)
Carl Stokes (Seychelles, 1994-1995)
George Ball (United Nations, 1968)
Geraldine Ferraro (UN Human Rights Council, 1993-1996)
Joseph E. Johnson
Joseph P. Kennedy
Maxwell Rabb (Italy, 1981-1989)
Raul Castro
Richard Holbrooke
Robert S. Strauss | Joseph Lloyd release
Sargent Shriver

Intelligence Community

Allen Dulles
Edward Lansdale
Francis Gary Powers
Frank Terpil
Frank Wisner
George Hunter White
Gerry Patrick Hemming
Hugh Montgomery
James Angleton
John McCone
Karl Wagner
Leonard H. Perroots
Lucien Conein
Mitchell Livingston WerBell III
Otto Otepka
Richard Helms
Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter
Scott McLeod
Sheffield Edwards
Sherman Kent
Sidney Gottlieb
Sidney Souers
William King Harvey
William J. Donovan
William Raborn


Abe Fortas
Antonin Scalia
Ben Krentzman
Charles R. Richey
George N. Leighton
Hugo Black
Joseph M. McLaughlin
Malcolm M. Lucas
Nicholas Bua
Supreme Court
Thomas C. Clark
Warren Burger
William O. Douglas
William H. Rehnquist

Military Personnel

Anna M. Rosenberg
Alfred Starbird
Arthur G. Trudeau
Bonner Fellers
Carlos Hathcock
Curtis LeMay
Don Flickinger
Douglas MacArthur
John Connally (Secretary of the Navy, 1961-1963)
Lloyd M. Bucher (USS Pueblo captain)
Hoyt Vandenberg
Nathan Twining
Paul Nitze
Smedley Butler
Thomas Moorer
Thomas S. Power
Togo West, Jr.

White House

Alexander Haig (DNSA, 1970-1973, COS, 1973-1974)
Arthur Larson
Bert Lance (OMB Director, 1977)
Clark Clifford (WH Counsel, 1946-1950, PIAB, 1963-1968)
Donald Fortier (NSC, 1982-1986)
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Eleanor Roosevelt
George Tillson Bell (Enemies List author)
Gerald Ford
Henry A. Wallace
Hillary Clinton
Hubert H. Humphrey
Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis
James Brady
Jeane Kirkpatrick
John F. Kennedy, Jr.
Leonard Garment
Margaretta Rockefeller
Michael Deaver
Myer Feldman (WH Counsel, 1964-1965)
Nelson Rockefeller
Ronald Reagan
Vince Foster (Deputy WH Counsel, 1991-1993)

Foreign Officials

Aldo Moro
Benazir Bhutto
Conrad Kuehlein
Contacts Between Representatives of the Soviet Union and the United States Congress, 1964-1972
Dag Hammarskjold
Duke and Duchess of Windsor
Fidel Castro | Anti-Castro and Cuba | Efforts to Overthrow Fidel Castro (Clip Program) | John Roselli (Excerpts) | Rolando Masferrer
Helmut Zilk
Jeremy Thorpe
Kofi Annan
Manuel Noriega
Margaret Thatcher
Muammar Gaddafi
Princess Diana
Saddam Hussein
Tom Driberg
Vang Pao
Vo Nguyen Giap
Visit of Nikita S. Khrushchev to the United States, September 1959

Argentina Declassification

2002 Re-Reviewed Files
Additional Legat Files
Amilcar Santucho
Anibal Gordon
Billy Lee Hunt
Gwenda Mae Loken Lopez
Helena Deutsch
Horacia Campiglia
Maria Susana Panero
Mario Roberto Santucho
Misc Legat Files
Olga Talamante
Operation Condor
People's Revolutionary Army
Roberto Viola
Rodolfo Walsh

Chile Declassification


American Israel Public Affairs Committee
Anti-Defamation League
Ariel Sharon
Israel Bonds
Jewish Agency's U.S. Arms Smuggling Network
Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Nuclear Materials Equipment Corporation (NUMEC) | David Lowenthal
Shimon Peres
Yitzhak Rabin


Adlai Stevenson (D-IL, 1949-1953)
Bill Janklow (R-SD, 1979-1987, 1995-2003)
Brendan Byrne (D-NJ, 1974-1982)
Dan Walker (D-IL, 1973-1977)
Ed Muskie (D-ME, 1955-1959)
George Romney (R-MI, 1963-1969)
James M. Cox (D-OH, 1913-1915, 1917-1921)
James Rhodes (R-OH, 1963-1971, 1975-1983)
Jeb Bush (R-FL, 1999-2007)
John Connally (D-TX, 1963-1969)
John Joyce Gilligan (D-OH, 1971-1975)
Nelson Rockefeller (R-NY, 1959-1973)
Orval Faubus (D-AR, 1957-1967)
Otto Kerner (D-IL, 1961-1968)
Pat Brown (D-CA, 1959-1967)
Raul Castro (D-AZ, 1975-1977)
Wendell Anderson (D-MN, 1971-1976)


Watergate | Summary File
Bebe Rebozo
Bernard Barker
Bernard Fensterwald
Charles W. Colson
Dorothy Hunt | Crash of United Airlines Flight 553
E. Howard Hunt
Frank Sturgis
Kenneth H. Dalhberg
James W. McCord, Jr.
John Ehrlichman
John Mitchell
Richard Kleindienst
Robert Mardian


Abraham Marovitz
Alan Dixon
Anton Cermak
Ben R. Stein
Bernard Stone
Cardiss Collins
Cecil Partee
Charles Boyle
Dan Rostenkowski
Dan Walker
Donald Stephens
Edward J. Rosewell
Everett Dirksen
Fred Roti
Gus Savage
Harold R. Collier
Harold Washington
Jane Byrne
John D'Arco
John F. Duff, Jr.
Jon Burge
Judy Baar Topinka
Harold Washington
Leo Allen
Leslie C. Arends
Michael Bilandic
Morgan Murphy
Nick LoCoco
Oscar DePriest
Otto Kerner
Paul M. Simon
Phil Pagano
Ralph Metcalfe
Richard J. Daley
Sidney Yates
William L. Dawson


Boston Public Corruption Cases
C. Everett Koop
Carl Stokes (Cleveland Mayor, 1967-1971)
Clinton Foundation
Craig J. Spence
Donald Alexander (IRS Commissioner 1973-1977)
Donald E. Hines (Louisiana state senator)
Dudley LeBlanc (Louisiana state senator)
Ed Koch (NYC Mayor, 1978-1989)
Frank Wilson (Lead IRS agent on Al Capone case)
George Cristopher(SF Mayor, 1956-1964)
Huey Long
Jack Shelley (SF Mayor, 1964-1968)
Jack Vaughn
James T. Russell (Florida legislator)
John Crutcher (Kansas Lt. Governor 1965-1969)
John P. Wheeler
Lewis A. Fidler (New York City Council Member)
Linda Collins-Smith (Arkansas state senator)
Maria Haley (Export-Import Bank board member 1994-1999)
Melvyn Paisley [ILL WIND subject]
Paul Nitze
Randolph William Thrower (IRS Commissioner 1969-1971)
Robert Morgenthau (Manhattan DA 1975-2009)
Roscoe Egger (IRS Commissioner 1981-1986)
Roy Cohn
Sally Goldmark (Washington state rep 1957-1962; won communist libel case)
Sheldon S. Cohen (IRS Commissioner 1965-1969)
W. Averell Harriman

Religious Movements/Figures

Ananda Marga Society
Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Rajneesh Movement)
Billy Graham
Branch Davidian Compound (Waco) | David Koresh | Waco Siege Transcripts
Cardinal Richard C. Cushing
Church of Satan
Church of Scientology/L. Ron Hubbard | Mary Sue Hubbard | Documents Seized by the FBI From Scientology Headquarters | Ben Krentzman (harassment target) | Charles R. Richey (harassment target) | Gabriel Cazares (harassment target) | James T. Russell (harassment target) | Malcolm M. Lucas (harassment target) | Omar V. Garrison (harassment target) | Earl C. Cooley, Jr. (COS member) | Stig Bergling (COS member)
Church Universal and Triumphant
Elijah Muhammad [June Mail]
Father Divine
Five Percenters | Clarence "13x" Smith
Gordon Hinckley
H.H. Brookins
Heaven's Gate
John Wayne Todd
Moorish Science Temple of America
Peoples Temple (Jonestown)
Process Church of the Final Judgement
Rainbow Family of the Living Light
Rulon Jeffs
The Summit Lighthouse
SYNANON Foundation
Temple of Set
Thomas S. Monson
Twelve Tribes
Unification Church | Sun Myung Moon
Wallace D. Fard (Wallace Fard Muhammed)
Wesley Albert Swift
World Vision International

Scientists and Medical Professionals

Aaron Klug
Bert David Schwartz
Charles H. Townes
David Kelly
Don Flickinger
Don Craig Wiley
Donald Ewan Cameron
Edward Uhler Condon
Georgiy Kostantinovich Skyrabin
Hans Bethe
Harold Abramson
Jack Parsons
James E. McDonald
J. Robert Oppenheimer | Personnel Hearings
Karl Heinz Beckurts
Leopold Infeld
Lester Breslow
Martin Summerfield
Stanton T. Friedman
Vannevar Bush
Wilhelm Reich


Achille Lauro Hijacking
Anwar Aulaqi
Azzam Publications
Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
Black September
Cabinet Committee to Combat Terrorism
Dwight Armstrong
Jack Maxwell Oliphant (Arizona Patriots)
Jewish Defense League
Joseph Stack
Irish Republican Army
Madrid Train Bombing
Man Monis (Sydney Cafe Hostage Crisis)
Minutemen (Patriotic Party) | Robert DePugh | George E. DeMerle [Informant]
Paul Rose
Roberto D'Aubuisson (Salvadoran death squad leader)
Threats Against Davis and Parker Dams
Terrorist Photo Album
Wade Michael Page (Oak Creek WI Sikh temple shooting)
William Potter Gale [militia figure]
Zacarias Moussaoui

Think Tanks/Policy Groups

American Israel Public Affairs Committee
Council on American-Islamic Relations
Council on Foreign Relations
Foreign Policy Association
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute
Western Goals Foundation

Violent Crime

Aaron Hernandez
Aileen Wuornos
Adolph Coors III Kidnapping
Andrew Phillip Cunanan
Animal Mutilation
Ariel Castro Kidnappings
Aryan Republican Army Bank Robberies
Assassination Attempt on George Wallace
Assassination Attempt on Ronald Reagan
Assassination of John F. Kennedy
| John Connally | Lee Harvey Oswald | Pre-Assassination File
| Jack Ruby
| Melvin Belli (Ruby's lawyer)
| George DeMohrenschildt
| Jim Garrison | Garrison Papers | Guy Banister | Dean Adams Andrews
| Warren Commission | House Select Committee on Assassinations
| Harold Weisberg Collection
| Dallas PD Records
| Edwin A. Walker | Edwin A. Walker Papers | Mae Brussell (assassination researcher) | William Robert Plumlee (alleged CIA pilot)
Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy
Attempted Bombings
Atlanta Child Murders
Azana Spa Shooting (Radcliffe F. Houghton)
Black Dahlia (Elizabeth Short)
Bonnie & Clyde
Branch Davidian Compound (Waco) | David Koresh | Waco Siege Transcripts
Charles Whitman
Dillinger Gang
Dracy Pendleton
Eric Branch
The Finders
Giuseppe Zangara (attemtped to assassinate FDR; killed Anton Cermak instead)
Jack Gilbert Graham
James Lance Boulware
Jeffrey Dahmer
Karpis-Barker Gang | Bremer Kidnapping
Kent State Shooting
Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping
Manson Family | Eugene Massaro and Joel Rostau | Eugene Massaro
Marion Wilson
Miami Shooting Incident, 4/11/1986
Osage Indian Murders
Pretty Boy Floyd | Kansas City Massacre
Pulse Nightclub Shooting (Omar Mateen)
Richard Ramirez
Richard Speck
Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting (Adam Lanza)
Shooting Incident Reports, 1993-2014
Texarkana Phantom/Moonlight Murders

World War II

America First Committee
Adolf Hitler
Donald Nelson [head of War Production Board]
Duquesne Spy Ring
Edward Delaney [Nazi propagandist]
Ernest Cuneo [OSS liaison]
Diplomatic Codes - Germany
George Deatherage [Nazi sympathizer]
Gerald L.K. Smith [America First Party]
German American Bund
Helmuth Siegfried Goldschmidt [FBI double agent]
John Simms Kelly [FBI agent assigned to SIS]
Josef Mengele
Klaus Barbie
Mildred Gillars [Nazi propagandist]
Samuel Klaus [Foreign Economic Administration employee]
Seditious Conspiracy (Nazi activities in U.S.)
Special Intelligence Service
William B. Wernecke [Bund]
Winston Churchill
Wernher von Braun


Alcatraz Escape
American Legion
American POWs/MIAs in Southeast Asia
Daniel Duchaine
Ellsworth Kelly
FBI Book Reviews
Jiri Frel (Getty Museum forgeries)
Peter Strzok-Lisa Page Text Messages
Saaco/Vanzetti Case
Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI
UFOs | George Adamski (Detroit Flying Saucer Club)
Unsorted FBI files