Ernie Lazar Collection

Records gathered by independent researcher Ernie Lazar from the FBI and other sources.

Post-2015 Releases

02-22-06 G. Vance Smith to JBS Nationlal Council Re: McManus Anti-Semitic Statements
07-25-06 Wayne Rickert Reply to David Eisenberg Re McManus
10-21-60 William F. Buckley to Robert Welch Re JBS
12-17-19 Trump Letter to Nancy Pelosi Re: Impeachment
1945 California Joint Fact-Finding Committee on Un-American Activities Report
1947 California Joint Fact-Finding Committe on Un-American Activities Report
1948 California Senate Fact-Finding Subcommittee on Un-American Activities Report on Communist Front Organizations
1959 Report of California Senate Fact-Finding Subcommittee on Un-American Activities
1961 Report of California Senate Fact-Finding Subcommittee on Un-American Activities
American Commentator -- Stephen Nenoff, HQ 100-353498
American Public Relations Forum = Los Angeles 100-53695
Arab Participation in Distribution of Hate Literature = HQ 105-76289, serial 32
Arab Participation in Distribution of Hate Literature = NYC 105-34293
Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, HQ 94-54279
Assocation of Arkansas Klans = Little Rock 157-15
AWARE, Inc = NYC 100-117759
BAARSLAG, Karl H.W., HQ 100-27055
Banister, Guy HQ 2
Banister, William Guy xrefs
BENSON, George Stuart - National Education Program = HQ 94-49268
BENTLEY, Elizabeth Terrill - FBI HQ and NYC files
Bombing of Atlanta Temple 1958, Chicago 98-1891
BROWN, Julia Clarice, HQ 100-382107
BROWN, Julia Clarice, Los Angeles A1 thru A161
BURROS, Daniel -- The Free American = NYC 157-1277
BYERS, Louis Temple = WFO cross-refs
CAPELL, Frank A. - Herald Of Freedom = NYC 100-148019
CHERRY, Bobby Frank, HQ 157-4412
CHILDRES, Jack -- San Diego Patriotic Society = San Diego 100-13180
Christian Party of America, HQ 62-111186
Citizens Councils of Louisiana, Inc., HQ 44-11324
CLARK, Max A. H. = San Francisco 105-3217
CLERKIN, Donald V., Euro-American Alliance
COINTELPRO White Hate Groups, Misc Serials
Confederate Underground, HQ 105-70219
Conspiracy Digest -- Summer 1977
COTTEN, Richard Berkeley = Alexandria and WFO FBI Files
COUGHLIN, Charles Edward = HQ 62-41602
COURTNEY, Phoebe Greene = HQ 94-60161
DAWSON, Allan P. -- The Right Brigade = Cleveland 157-647
DEATHERAGE, George Edward -- America First = HQ 97-649
DEATHERAGE, George Edward -- Knights Of White Camelia
DILLING, Elizabeth -- Patriotic Research Bureau = HQ 61-7055
DONNER Sr., Robert Newsom = HQ 100-58438
DUCOTE, Jerome Joseph = HQ 62-116783
EMRY, Sheldon LeRoy = HQ 174-676
ESSIG, Edith -- Keeping The Record Straight = San Francisco 105-3919
Expose Newsletter -- Lyle Stuart = NYC 100-108609
FBI Domestic Intelligence Division Inspection Report, January 8-26 and August 17 - September 9, 1971, 623pp
FBI Intelligence Bulletin on Anti-Government, Identity-Based, and Fringe Political Conspiracy Theories, May 30, 2019
FBI Investigator -- 1961
FBI Investigator -- 1962, 1970
FBI Investigator - HQ 94-3-2
FBI Manual on Classification of Documents - 1992
FBI Monograph -- Communist Party and the Negro, 1953-1956
FBI Monograph -- The Ku Klux Klan, Section I, 1865-1955
FBI Monograph -- The Ku Klux Klan, Section II, 1944-1958
FBI National Security Classification Guides
FBI Tampa -- Miscellaneous Files
Finding Aid to M&S Collection at Library of Congress
Fire and Police Association of Los Angeles, Los Angeles 100-63347
FLETT, Austin T.= HQ 62-107096
Florida Coalition of Patriotic Societies, HQ 62-106947
FRIEND, Edwin Hugo, Atlanta 80-1138
GALE, William Potter = HQ 62-105253, Misc Serials
GALE, William Potter -- Committee of the States = San Francisco 100-63097 and 100A-80325
GALE, William Potter -- Ministry of Christ Church = HQ 157-28219
GALE, William Potter -- Ministry of Christ Church = Los Angeles 157-7775
GIVHAN, Walter Coats = FBI xrefs
GRANOVSKY, Anatoly, HQ 100-356092
GOLENIEWSKI, Michael, HQ 65-65192
GRISWOLD, Ferrell, FBI-HQ cross references
HARGIS, Billy James -- Christian Crusade, HQ 97-3475, 1 to 81
HARGIS, Billy James -- Christian Crusade = Los Angeles 62-5243
HART, Merwin Kimball, HQ 100-128996, 139-142
HCUA Report on Axis Front Movements in the U.S.
HCUA Report on German American Bund
HCUA Report on Un-Americam Activities - Nazis Orgs and Individuals in the U.S.
HCUA Report on Un-American Propaganda Activities in the U.S.
HENDRIX, Bill -- Knights of The Ku Klux Klan = HQ 100-356570
HOOKER, DeWest Lendrum, HQ 94-40190
House Committee on Un-American Activities Hearings -- KKK = WFO 157-744
House Committee on Un-American Activities, American Negro in the Communist Party, 11-22-54
House Committee on Un-American Activities Cumulative Index Supplement 1955-1960
House Committee on Un-American Activities -- The Present Day Ku Klux Klan Movement
House Intelligence Committee Report on Trump Impeachment Inquiry
HUDSON, Charles B. - -America In Danger = HQ 61-7474
HUNTER, Edward H. -- Industrial Defense Assn = HQ 62-37406
HUNTER, Edward, HQ 118-4047
Joint Factfinding Committee on Un-American Activities = Los Angeles 62-2017
John Birch Society, Denver 62-1623
John Birch Society, Houston 62-1521
John Birch Society = HQ 62-104401, serials 853-909
John Birch Society, HQ 62-104401, Miscellaneous Serials
John Birch Society, Jackson, 157-2503
John Birch Society, Milwaukee 100-13570
John Birch Society, Norfolk 100-546
John Birch Society News Clippings, 1990 to 2015
KAMP, Joseph Peter, G-2 Army Intelligence Report
KETCHAM, Frank W. -- Americans For Freedom = Los Angeles 100-60903
KERNODLE, James E., HQ 177-874
KIMSEY, Herman Edward -- CIA Security File 71129
KKK Insurrection Plot = HQ 157-2138, serial 107
KLASSEN, Ben -- Nationalist White Party = Tampa 157-5136
LAPRADE, James Wallace, HQ 67-430338
Let Freedom Ring = Philadelphia 157-1193
Let Freedom Ring -- Dr. William C. Douglass = Tampa 157-1419
LOWRY, Sumter L. = HQ 62-102434
NAACP = FBI-HQ 61-3176
MACFARLAND JR., William Henry = HQ 105-7857
MADOLE, James H. = Army Intelligence Report
March From Selma to Montgomery AL, HQ 44-28544
MATHEWS, Robert Jay -- Arizona Sons of Liberty = HQ 157-29836
MILES, Robert Edward, HQ 157-15416
Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission = FBI HQ and Jackson Files
MORRIS, Robert John = HQ 62-96870
MURPHY JR., Matthew H., HQ 157-2901
National Association of Russian Solidarists = HQ 105-10164
National Alliance of Russian Solidarists, NYC 105-18854
National Indignation Convention = Dallas 105-1264
National Socialist Vanguard = HQ 100-487453
National States Rights Party, Birmingham 105-477, 66 to 150
National Youth Alliance = NYC 157-3447
Nationalist Action League -- W. Henry Mac Farland, HQ 105-11214
Naval Intelligence Report on National Renaissance Party-- James Madole
New England Rally For God, Family, Country = HQ 94-58099
Oak Cliff White Citizens Council, Dallas 105-484Q
OLIVER, Revilo Pendleton, Dallas Misc. Serials
OLIVER, Revilo Pendleton, HQ 65-45027
OLIVER, Revilo Pendleton, Springfield 157-4307
PACE, J. Vernon -- JBS Coordinator
Patrick Henry Group = Richmond 105-3825
PEGLER, Westbrook = HQ 62-36436
Pro American Information Bureau, Chicago 157-27
RUMELY, Edward A. -- Committee For Constitutional Government = HQ 100-70383
SACRAMENTO UNION 1964 Newspaper Articles on Extremism in U.S. History
SAVE FBI RECORDS -- My GoFundMe Campaign
SCHMITZ, John George, Los Angeles 56-1696
SCHUYLER, George Samuel. NYC 100-24049
SEALE, James Ford, HQ 157-3676
SHACKLEFORD, Virginia L., HQ 100-430000 and Seattle misc serials
Sheriffs Posse Comitatus -- Detroit 157-10687
Silent Guardians, Inc., Los Angeles 62-5323 and HQ 62-106826
SKOUSEN, W. Cleon, Los Angeles 62-4933
SPOCK, Benjamin M. - HQ 25-564288
Statecraft Magazine -- C. B. Baker = Alexandria 157-55
Statecraft Magazine -- C. B. Baker = WFO 100-50124
SUTHERLAND, John H. -- St. Louis Citizens Council = St. Louis 157-582
TENNEY, Jack B. = Los Angeles 62-2017
THOMALLO, Clifford F., HQ 94-56059
THOMALLO, Clifford F., Milwaukee 100-15865
THOMAS, Norman, HQ 61-10767
THOMPSON, Harold Keith, HQ 100-370871 and HQ 105-18598
Truth About Civil Turmoil--John Birch Society, Miscellaneous Serials
U.S. House Committee on the Judiciary = Constitutional Grounds for Presidential Impeachment, December 2019, 55pp
U.S. House Judiciary Report on Trump Impeachment--2019
U.S. Justice Department Inspector General Review of Four FISA Applications and Crossfire Investigation, 476pp
U.S. v. Gerald Burton Winrod = HQ 65-4832
US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Activities -- 338pp
United Klans of America, Inc. Miami 157-1114, Section-1
United Klans of America, Inc. Miami 157-1114, Section-2
United Klans of America, Inc. Miami 157-1114, Section-3
United Klans of America, Inc. Miami 157-1114, Section-4
United Klans of America, Inc. Miami 157-1114, Section-5
United Klans of America, Inc. Miami 157-1114, Section-6
United Klans of America, Inc. Miami 157-1114, Section-7
United Klans of America, Inc. Miami 157-1114, Section-8
United Klans of America, Inc. Miami 157-1114, Section-9
United Klans of America, Inc. Miami 157-1114, Section-10
VAN HYNING, Lyrl Clark--G2 Army Intelligence Report
VARNEY, Harold Lord, HQ 100-268013
VELDE, Harold H., HQ 67-255889
WALKER, Edwin A., -- Los Angeles 62-5164
WALLACE, George C. = Omaha 62-2961
WELCH, Robert -- A Letter to The South on Segregation
Western Minutemen USA, -- W.H. Harold, cross-references
WILLIAMS, Robert H. -- Williams Intelligence Summary = HQ 105-10091
WHEAT, George Clinton -- HQ 157-1727
White People's Committee To Restore God's Laws = Little Rock 157-2637
WILLIAMS, Robert H. -- Williams Intelligence Summary = HQ 105-10091
WINSTON, Robert Alexander, CASCA
WRIGHT, Loyd, HQ 62-88472 and HQ 77-70120
YOUNG, Glenn O., Oklahoma City 157-1011