Axis War Crime Records

Records collected by the United Nations and associated governments on war crimes committed during World War II.

War Crimes trials conducted by...

Britain - Belsen Trial
Britain - Essen Lynching Trial
Britain - Peleus Trial
Germany - British Zone
International Military Tribunal for the Far East
International Military Tribunal (Nuremberg)
Nationalist China (Taiwan)
Soviet Union - Unit 731 Trials
United States - Doctors' Trial
United States - German Demilitarization Hearings
United States - IG Farben Trial
United States - Malmedy Massacre Hearings
United States - Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression
United States - Subsequent Nuremberg Trials
United states - Unabridged Tribunal Microfilm
United States - Yokohama
UN Law Reports of War Criminal Trials
UNWCC National Trial Results
UNWCC National Trial Synopses

Lists of War Criminals

Lists of individuals accused or suspected of war crimes by the Allied Powers.

Central Registry of War Criminals and Security Suspects (CROWCASS)
UNWCC Lists of War Criminals

Holocaust Asset Recovery

Records relating to the recovery of items looted by Nazi Germany during the course of the war.

1997 | U.S. and Allied Efforts to Recover and Restore Gold and Other Assets Stolen or Hidden by Germany During World War II
1998 | Washington Conference on Holocaust-Era Assets
2000 | Plunder and Restitution: The U.S. and Holocaust Victims' Assets