Axis War Crime Records

Records collected by the United Nations and associated governments on war crimes committed during World War II.

War Crimes trials conducted by...

Belgium - Von Rundstedt Trial
Britain - Belsen Trial
Britain - Essen Lynching Trial
Britain - Peleus Trial
Germany - British Zone
International Military Tribunal for the Far East
International Military Tribunal (Nuremberg)
Nationalist China (Taiwan)
Soviet Union - Unit 731 Trials
United States - Doctors' Trial
United States - German Demilitarization Hearings
United States - IG Farben Trial
United States - Malmedy Massacre Hearings
United States - Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression
United States - Subsequent Nuremberg Trials
United States - Unabridged Tribunal Microfilm
United States - Yokohama
UN Law Reports of War Criminal Trials
UNWCC National Trial Results
UNWCC National Trial Synopses

Monographs and Reports

Bulgarian Atrocities in Greece
Dachau Concentration Camp
German Crimes Against Czechoslovakia
German Crimes Against Poland
Italian Crimes in Yugoslavia
Summary of First Six Reports of the State Commission for the Investigation of the Crimes of the Invaders and Their Assistants
The Civilization of Fascist Italy in Ethiopia


UNWCC Guide to the Records of the United Nations War Crimes Commission, London, 1943 - 1948
UNWCC Guide to Records of the War Crimes Trials Held in Nurnberg, Germany, 1945-1949

Lists of War Criminals

Lists of individuals accused or suspected of war crimes by the Allied Powers.

Central Registry of War Criminals and Security Suspects (CROWCASS)
UNWCC Lists of War Criminals

Holocaust Asset Recovery

Records relating to the recovery of items looted by Nazi Germany during the course of the war.

1997 | U.S. and Allied Efforts to Recover and Restore Gold and Other Assets Stolen or Hidden by Germany During World War II
1998 | Washington Conference on Holocaust-Era Assets
2000 | Plunder and Restitution: The U.S. and Holocaust Victims' Assets

Presidential Advisory Commission on Holocaust Assets

Art and Cultural Property and “Others” Review Form Binders
Gold Team Review Form Binders
History Associates Binder
Non-Gold Financial Assets Review Form Binders
Non-Gold Financial Assets Review Form Binders (2)
RG 84, Foreign Service Posts of the State Department—Turkey
RG 260, Finance Inventory Forms
Unnumbered Documents from Archives II and Various Notes

Department of Justice Office of Special Investigations Reports

In the Matter of Josef Mengele
In the Matter of Kurt Waldheim
Klaus Barbie and the United States Government
Robert Jan Verbelen and the United States Government

Nazi War Crimes and Imperial Japanese Government Disclosure Acts

Records relating to Axis war crimes transferred to the National Archives at the direction of Congress.

RG 238 - National Archives Collection of World War II War Crimes Records

RG 242 - National Archives Collection of Foreign Records Seized

RG 260 - Records of U.S. Occupation Headquarters, World War II

RG 263 - Central Intelligence Agency

RG 319 - Army Staff

Selected Printouts of Digital Intelligence and Investigative Dossiers from Impersonal Files, ca. 1977–ca. 2004

This series consists of printouts of selected digital intelligence and investigative dossiers from impersonal files. Included are memorandums, reports, statements, affidavits, lists, and other records. Most of the files relate to topics arising out of World War II and the Cold War. Some of the records are in German and Russian. Covers 1933-1958.

Intelligence and Investigative Dossiers Impersonal Files

This series consists of reports, memorandums, interrogations, interviews, statements, affidavits, lists, and other records collected during the course of investigations of specific organizations, as well as general topics of intelligence and counterintelligence interest. Most of the files relate to World War II and the Cold War. The series includes files relating to German government and military organizations, Nazi party membership, the exploitation of German scientists, Axis-power war crimes, the "Association of Persecutees of the Nazi Regime," the Army’s involvement with German Spymaster General Reinhard Gehlen and the Gehlen Organization, and the Free German Federation of Trade Unions. Other major topics include: espionage; indoctrination programs; post-war Eastern European Communist intelligence and security organizations; Soviet-Bloc military, intelligence, and espionage activities, including reports on the intelligence services of Cuba, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, North Vietnam, and Poland; alleged Communist infiltration of the United States; the Japanese Communist Party; and political activities, espionage, and acts of sabotage in South Vietnam; and other matters. Covers 1939-1980.

Intelligence and Investigative Dossiers Personal Files

This series consists of reports, affidavits, articles, biographies, memorandums, statements, applications, summaries, translations, interviews, questionnaires, testimonies, transcripts, photographs, certificates, and other records related to specific individuals, collected during the course of investigations. Many of the materials relate to World War II-era personalities, including individuals connected with German wartime intelligence and security organizations; German and Japanese war criminals; senior political and military leaders; alleged collaborators and informants; allied or enemy agents; and others. The series also includes records relating to postwar personalities, including alleged Soviet and Communist Bloc intelligence agents; foreign citizens viewed as subversive; refugees from Communist or former Axis countries; Axis scientists brought to the United States under Project PAPERCLIP; Japanese prisoners of war repatriated from the USSR under Project STITCH; as well as American citizens suspected of espionage or disloyalty, viewed as security risks, or otherwise of interest to Army intelligence. Some individuals mentioned in the files are Otto Ohlendorf, who served in several senior positions in the Schutzstaffel (SS) during World War II, including as commander of a mobile killing unit (Einsatzgruppe) in the Soviet Union (file OHLENDORF, Otto - XE000883); Hermann Hoefle, an SS officer involved in atrocities in Poland (file HOEFLE, HERMANN J. - AE544848WJ); and Ante Pavelic, leader of the Croatian terrorist organization known as Ustascha (file PAVELIC, Anton - XE001109). Covers 1939-1976.

RG 330 - Office of the Secretary of Defense

Foreign Scientist Case Files, 1945-1958

RG 342 - U.S. Air Force

Select documents released under the Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Disclosure Acts Relating to Japanese War Crimes (Entry ZZ-1004)

RG 493 - U.S. Army Forces in the China-Burma-India Theater

Formerly Classified General Records, October 1944–May 1946
Records Relating to War Crimes, 1945–September 1946