NSA Cryptologic Histories

Internal histories (both declassified and unclassified) produced by NSA's Center for Cryptologic History or predecessor agencies. Histories are listed by their canonical series entry; histories will be left unsorted if no series is found. Click here for an index of internal NSA publications and articles.

Abbreviations in NSA Bibliographies

Army Security Agency Histories

The Colmar Compromise (excerpts)
European Axis Signal Intelligence in World War II Volume 1: Synopsis
European Axis Signal Intelligence in World War II Volume 2: Notes on German High Level Cryptography and Cryptanalysis
European Axis Signal Intelligence in World War II Volume 3: The Signal Intelligence Agency of the Supreme Command, Armed Forces
European Axis Signal Intelligence in World War II Volume 5: Signal Intelligence Service of the Army High Command
European Axis Signal Intelligence in World War II Volume 6: The German Air Force Signal Intelligence Service
European Axis Signal Intelligence in World War II Volume 6: The Foreign Office Cryptanalytic Section
European Axis Signal Intelligence in World War II Volume 7: Goering's "Research" Bureau
European Axis Signal Intelligence in World War II Volume 8: Miscellaneous
European Axis Signal Intelligence in World War II Volume 9: German Traffic Analysis of Russian Communications

Series I - Pre-World War I

Volume 1 - Masked Dispatches: Cryptograms and Cryptology in American History, 1775–1900

Series II - World War I

Series III - Interwar Period

Series IV - World War II

Ciphers and Systems Referenced in NSA Records

Volume 1 - American Signal Intelligence in Northwest Africa and Western Europe
Volume 3 - German Clandestine Activities in South America in World War II
Volume 4 - The Cryptology of the German Intelligence Services
Volume 5 - A Priceless Advantage: U.S. Navy Communications Intelligence and the Battles of Coral Sea, Midway, and the Aleutians
Volume 6 - Pearl Harbor Revisited: United States Navy Communications Intelligence, 1924-1941
Volume 7 - The Quiet Heroes of the Southwest Pacific Theater: An Oral History of the Men and Women of CBB and FRUMEL
Volume 8 - A History of U.S. Communications Intelligence during World War II: Policy and Administration
Volume 9 - Eavesdropping on Hell: Historical Guide to Western Communications Intelligence and the Holocaust, 1939-1945
Volume 10 - West Wind Clear: Cryptology and the Winds Message Controversy - A Documentary History
Volume 11 - Cryptologic Aspects of German Intelligence Activities in South America during World War II

Special Research Histories

SRH-002 - War Secrets in the Ether Parts I-II
SRH-002 - War Secrets in the Ether Part III
SRH-019 - Blockade-Running Between Europe and the Far East by Submarines, 1942-44
SRH-029 - A Brief History of the Signals Intelligence Service
SRH-094 - French Indo-China (Political Situation)
SRH-112 - Post Mortem Writings on Indications of Ardennes Offensive, December 1944
SRH-134 - Expansion of the Signal Intelligence Service from 1930-7 December 1941
SRH-142 - Ultra and the Campaign Against the U-boats in World War II
SRH-143 - ULTRA in the Battle of Britain: The Real Key to Success?
SRH-149 - A Brief History of Communications Intelligence in the United States
SRH-159 - Preliminary Historical Report on the Solution of the "B" Machine
SRH-210 - Collection of Papers Related to the "Winds Execute" Message
SRH-230 - The Role of COMINT in the Battle of Midway
SRH-235 - COMINT Contributions to Submarine Warfare in WWII
SRH-260 - OP-20-G File of Memoranda, Reports and Messages on German Blockade Runners (World War II) (1943-1944)
SRH-268 - Advanced Intelligence Centers in the U.S. Navy, June 1942
SRH-269 - U.S. Army COMINT Policy: Pearl Harbor to Summer 1942
SRH-270 - Army-Navy-FBI COMINT Agreements of 1942
SRH-271 - Presidential Memorandum on Communications Intelligence Activities
SRH-361 - History of The Signal Security Agency, Volume II: General Cryptanalytic Problems
SRH-362 - History of the Signal Security Agency, Volume III: The Japan Army Problems: Cryptanalysis 1942-1945
SRH-364 - History of the Signal Security Agency, Volume I: Organization, 1939-1945
SRH-366 - The History of Army Strip Cipher Devices (July 1934 - October 1947)
SRH-368 - Evaluation of the Role of Decryption Intelligence in the Operational Phase of the Battle of the Atlantic
SRH-391 - American Signal Intelligence in Northwest Africa and Western Europe
SRH-409 - Observations on Signal Intelligence Gained From North African Theater of Operations
SRMA-010 - French Knowledge of German Cryptanalysis, 1927
SRMN-056 - Listing of Ship Sinkings Attributed to German U-Boat Successes January 1941-April 1945

Series V - Early Postwar Period

Volume 1 - The Origins of the National Security Agency, 1940-1952
Volume 2 - BOURBON to Black Friday: The Allied Collaborative COMINT Effort Against the Soviet Union, 1945-1948
Volume 3 - The Korean War: The SIGINT Background
Volume 4 - So Power Can Be Brought into Play: SIGINT and the Pusan Perimeter
Volume 5 - The Invisible Cryptologists: African-Americans, WWII to 1956
Volume 6 - The Quest for Cryptologic Centralization and the Establishment of NSA: 1940-1952

Series VI - The NSA Period

Volume 1 - NSA Actions During the Iranian Hostage Crisis: An Interim History
Volume 2 - PURPLE DRAGON: The Origin and Development of the United States OPSEC Program
Volume 4 - NSA's Involvement in U.S.-Foreign SIGINT Relationships through 1993
Volume 5 - American Cryptology During the Cold War, 1945-1989 Book I: The Struggle for Centralization, 1945-1960
Volume 5 - American Cryptology During the Cold War, 1945-1989 Book II: Centralization Wins, 1960-1972
Volume 5 - American Cryptology During the Cold War, 1945-1989 Book III: Retrenchment and Reform, 1972-1980
Volume 5 - American Cryptology During the Cold War, 1945-1989 Book IV: Cryptologic Rebirth, 1981-1989
Volume 7 - Spartans in Darkness: American SIGINT and the Indochina War, 1945-1975
Volume 8 - Pullin' Ponyals: A History of Russian Voice Transcription at the National Security Agency and Its Predecessors, 1949-1970
Volume 12 - Candle in the Dark: COMINT and Soviet Industrial Secrets, 1946-1956
Volume 13 - Learning from the Enemy: The GUNMAN Project

Series VII - Special and Miscellaneous Collections

Series VIII - Crisis Files

Series X - References

Series XI - Papers Collected by NSA and pre-NSA Officials

Series XII - Papers Collected by NSA Historians

CCH Series XII.S, Box 22

Series XIV - COMSEC Documents

Series XVI - Cryptologic Papers from Presidential Libraries

On Watch: Profiles from the National Security Agency's Past 40 Years

Special Series

Number 2 - Technical Research Ships, 1956-1969
Number 3 - Space Surveillance SIGINT Program
Number 4 - Operation REGAL: The Berlin Tunnel
Number 5 - Essential Matters: A History of the Cryptographic Branch of the People’s Army of Viet Nam, 1945-1975
Volume 6 - It Wasn't All Magic: The Early Struggle to Automate Cryptanalysis, 1930s-1960s
Volume 7 - The Dawn of American Cryptology, 1900–1917
Volume 10 - The Neglected Giant: Agnes Meyer Driscoll
Volume 11 - Issues in British and American Signals Intelligence, 1919-1932
Volume 12 - The First Americans: The 1941 US Codebreaking Mission to Bletchley Park
Volume 13 - Ann's War: One Woman's Journey to the Codebreaking Victory over Japan
The Joint SOBE Processing Center, 1961-1971: A Brief Overview of a Successful Experiment
The Soviet Land-Based Ballistic Missile Program, 1945-1972

Special Series - Crisis Collection

Volume 1 - Attack on a Sigint Collector, the U.S.S. Liberty
Volume 2 - The Suez Crisis: A Brief Comint History
Volume 3 - The National Security Agency and the EC-121 Shootdown
Volume 4 - The Falklands, 1982: An American Perspective
Volume 5 - Shield and Storm: The Cryptologic Community During the Desert Operations
Volume 6 - Supporing the Desert Warriors: The Role of the National Security Agency's Information Systems Security Organization in Operation DESERT SHIELD/DESERT STORM
Volume 7 - The Capture of the USS Pueblo and Its Effect on SIGINT Operations
Volume 8 - The Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan: A Cryptologic History

Sources in Cryptologic History

Number 1 - The Collected Writings of Brigadier John H. Tiltman
Volume 2 - A Reference Guide to Selected Historical Documents Relating to NSA/CSS, 1931-1985
Volume 3 - The Friedman Legacy: A Tribute to William and Elizebeth Friedman
Number 4 - A Collection of Writings on Traffic Analysis

Southeast Asia

In The Shadow of War (To The Gulf of Tonkin)
Focus on Cambodia
Focus on Khe Sanh
SIGINT Applications in U.S. Air Operations, Part One: Collecting the Enemy's Signals
Working Against the Tide (COMSEC Monitoring and Analysis) (Working title: Dangerous Signals)

Oral History Program

1960s NSA-OH-2012-80 LT GEN Ralph J. Canine (USA, Ret.) Part 1
1960s NSA-OH-2012-81 LT GEN Ralph J. Canine (USA, Ret.) Part 2
1960s NSA-OH-2012-82 LT GEN Ralph J. Canine (USA, Ret.) Part 3
1979-03 NSA-OH-02-79 Dr. Abraham Sinkov
1980-11-25 NSA-OH-40-08 Arthur J. Levenson
1982-08-06 NSA-OH-17-82 Dr. Solomon Kullback
1982-11-04 NSA-OH-23-82 Donald F. Coffey
1983-02-11 NSA-OH-05-83 CAPT Duane L. Whitlock
1983-05-04 NSA-OH-09-83 CAPT Rudolph T. Fabian (USN, Ret.)
1983-06-29 NSA-OH-14-83 Dr. Howard Campaigne
1991-06-11 NSA-OH-1993-20 Oliver R. Kirby
1999-06-15 NSA-OH-1999-51 Benson Buffham
2005-02-09 NSA-OH-2005-03 Col. William J. Williams (USAF, Ret.)


A Brief 50-Year (1960-2010) History of the Defense Special Missile and Aerospace Center (DEFSMAC)
A Dangerous Business: The U.S. Navy and National Reconnaissance During the Cold War
A History of U.S. Communications Security - The David G. Boak Lectures, Volume I
A History of U.S. Communications Security - The David G. Boak Lectures, Volume II
American Cryptology: Two Centuries of Tradition
Fifty Years of Mathematical Cryptanalysis
German Cipher Machines of World War II
German Radio Intelligence (CONFIDENTIAL version)
German Radio Intelligence (SECRET version)
History of Collaboration among French Cryptologic Agencies, 1909-1939
History of Venona
Listening to the Rumrunners: Radio Intelligence during Prohibition
NSA 50th Anniversary Brochure
NSA 60th Anniversary Book
NSA and the Cuban Missile Crisis
NSA In Space
Presidential Transition 2001: NSA Briefs a New Administraion
Revolutionary Secrets: Cryptology in the American Revolution
Silent Warriors: The Naval Security Group Reserve, 1945-2005
Sharing the Burden: Women in Cryptology during World War II
Solving the Enigma: History of the Cryptanalytic Bombe
Telemetry Intelligence (TELINT) During the Cold War
The Cipher Disk
The Cryptological Mathematics of Enigma
The History of Traffic Analysis: World War I - Vietnam
The Origins of NSA
The Venona Story
The Voynich Manuscript: An Elegant Enigma
Women Telephone Operators in World War I France

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